Single Skin or Bunded Oil Tank ?

Bunded Tanks consist of two fuel tanks, which are leak-proof.

Some oil tanks are integrally bunded which means that there is an internal and external wall built into the tank. In this instance, any spill from the internal tank is constrained by the external wall. An internally Bunded Oil Tank can be made from metal or plastic. Bunded Oil Tanks consist of two fuel tanks, which are leak-proof. The tanks are durable and are suitable to be used for both the average home and for commercial buildings

Under building regulations for England and Wales, if the oil storage tank’s capacity is:

Over 2500 litres – it must have secondary containment (bunding)
Up to 2500 litres – it may need bunding depending on the outcome of an individual site pollution risk assessment. A single skin tank would only be allowed where there is no risk of oil reaching; for example, a watercourse, water extraction point or aquifer after a release of oil from the tank.

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Plastic bunded oil tanks