Oil Tanks Building Regulations

Oil tank Building RegulationsOil storage tank installations need to comply with regional Building Regulations. In England and Wales, OFTEC registered technicians can self certify their own work without involving Local Authority Building Control. But if you choose to use someone who isn’t registered with a ‘Competent Person’ scheme like OFTEC, then you will have to obtain a Building Control Notice and arrange for an inspection which can be costly and time consuming. Similar rules apply in Scotland where you may need to apply for a warrant. Your OFTEC registered technician can advise you on this.

Under oil tanks building regulations for England and Wales, if the oil storage tank’s capacity is: Over 2500 litres – it must have secondary containment (bunding) Up to 2500 litres – it may need bunding depending on the outcome of an individual site pollution risk assessment.

However, oil tanks with less than 2500 litre capacity must be bunded if the tank is:

  •  Within 10 metres of controlled water

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  •  Located where spillage could run into an open drain or to a loose manhole cove
  • Within 50 metres of a borehole or spring
  •  Over hard ground or hard surfaced ground that could enable spillage run-off to reach controlled water
  • Located in a position where the vent pipe outlet is not visible from the fill point
  •  Supplying heating oil to a building other than a single family dwelling

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